Liposuction is not a weight reducing method. Using the right combination, however, one can achieve an aesthetically pleasing, as well as a medically sensible result even with overweight patients. Liposuction removes annoying fat deposits which cannot be eliminated through sport or exercise.   Only the excess portion of fat at the trouble spot will be removed.



Ambulant with tumescent (localised) anaesthesia will be used. The fatty tissue is injected with a sodium chloride solution and then removed with a hollow needle using a series of delicate incisions. This technique achieves a lasting naturalness. To support the healing process, compression pants need to be worn for 2 – 4 weeks.
Incidents and complications are very rare with this technique, yet can never be eliminated altogether.


Post Operation

The usual haematomas and feelings of numbness generally disappear after a few days to weeks. The delicate incisions leave barely visible scars. Possible irregularities occurring with certain skin types are generally treatable.


Post Operative Care

You may shower the day after the treatment. Normally you can return to work within 1-3 days. Everyday activities are not affected. It may take up to six months to stabilize the body shape.