Tummy tuck


After weight loss or pregnancy, you may be left with an unwelcome flabby tummy. Strengthening the abdominal wall (abdominoplasty) and removing skin will give your body back its shape.



Under general anesthesia an incision is made as low down in the bikini area as possible in order to detach the abdominal skin and the fatty tissue. By sewing together the diverging abdominal muscles the abdominal wall is strengthened and the waist is re-sculpted. The excess skin is removed and the wound is closed. You will have to wear a compression garment for four to six weeks in order to aid healing.
  Incidents and complications are rare, but they can never be excluded.


Post Operation
Hemorrhages and bruising occasionally occur. Infections with impaired wound healing are rare. Feelings of numbness in the front of the abdominal wall generally disappear after a few weeks. Unsightly scars can be corrected after six months.


Postoperative Care

For the first two weeks after the operation you should wear a tummy belt. Smoking, sports, sauna and strong sun should be avoided for 6 weeks.

You should not do any heavy physical work or play any sports for as long as you are wearing the compression garment.


The costs will normally not be covered by the insurance. If there is a big weight loss, which results in loose skin, the insurance may pay.