Breast Lift


Many women are not satisfied with their breasts. Especially after pregnancy and breast feeding there can be a loss of breast tissue causing the breasts to sag  and volume to be missing in the decollté.


The operation will take place in the hospital. The skin is opened by a T-shaped incision, the breast is completely reformed and fixed at the chest wall like an inner bra, which can keep the form of the breast. The skin is tightened and sutured. Differences can be compensated, there is no perfect symmetry in nature. Tubes will be laid into the wound to drain the discharge. An elastic bandage will be put on the breasts for two days and then replaced with a sports-bra. Complications are rare, but can never be ruled out.

Post Operation
After the Operation the breast will be higher than normal because the tissue will soften and it takes 6 weeks to see the final result. Sometimes there is bruising, swelling and numbness, but they will completely disappear after a short time.

Post Operative Care
A tight sprots bra should be worn for 6 weeks. Smoking, sport, sauna and strong sun should be avoided for 6 weeks.