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Gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast. Such an enlargement, which sometimes even leads to a female-looking breast, can occur for various reasons. Either an enlargement of the glandular body or a strong increase of the surrounding fatty tissue (so-called pseudogynecomastia) can be present. The causes of gynecomastia can sometimes be identified and treated, but the enlargement, however caused, does not usually disappear on its own.

How does the treatment of gynecomastia work?

Whether gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia – there are various surgical ways to reduce the male breast. The decision for the right approach depends on the individual conditions of the patient and should be made after a thorough consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. As a rule, gynecomastia surgery requires an operation under general anesthesia, and possibly a short stay in the clinic. Depending on the method of surgery, drains may need to be inserted to allow any wound fluid to drain away. The costs of the operation are only covered by health insurance in some cases.

What to consider after the treatment of gynecomastia?

After the treatment of gynecomastia, the patient must wear compression garments for four weeks, but they are not noticeable under normal clothing. In some cases, the procedure causes bruising, swelling or numbness. Patients do well after gynecomastia treatment, they are able to return to work after a short time, depending on the profession they perform.

Treatment of gynecomastia in Zurich – with your expert for plastic surgery

Are you interested in gynecomastia treatment in Zurich? Dr. Britta von Stumberg is an experienced specialist and will be happy to inform you about the correction of gynecomastia and the various possible methods in a non-binding consultation. Simply contact us and make an appointment for a consultation on the subject of gynecomastia at the plastic surgery practice in Zurich.

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