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Upper arm lifts

Upper arm lifts are a good option for patients troubled by excess loose skin, which is often the result of age-related loss of skin elasticity or significant weight loss. People affected by the condition often find it extremely limiting. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, upper arm lifts can make the arms shapely and proportional again.

How do upper arm lifts work?

Upper arm lifts involve removing the excess skin and fatty tissue on the insides of the upper arms. Various surgical methods can be used depending on how much excess tissue needs to be removed. Smaller quantities of skin can be removed using a golf club-shaped incision in the underarm; to remove more skin that extends along the inside of the arm to the elbow, an incision along the inside of the upper arm will be necessary for optimum results. If needed, upper arm lifts can also be combined with liposuction.

What happens after an upper arm lift?

After undergoing an upper arm lift, the patient receives compression sleeves that will need to be worn consistently for six weeks. After excess skin and fatty tissue is removed, compression minimises swelling and pain while supporting the healing process.
Most patients can return to work after about two weeks, depending on the type of work they do. Sport and other sources of physical strain, such as saunas and significant sun exposure, should be avoided for six weeks. Within a year after undergoing an upper arm lift, many patients find that their scars fade to the point that they are scarcely noticeable even with short sleeves.

Your plastic surgery expert for upper arm lifts in Zurich

Are you interested in getting an upper arm lift in Zurich? Dr Britta von Stumberg is an experienced expert, and she would be glad to sit down with you for a non-binding personal consultation on the specifics of different techniques and the scope of what they can accomplish. Just contact us to arrange your consultation on upper arm lifts at our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich.

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