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Wrinkle treatment

Many people in their ‘best years’ seek out wrinkle treatment, especially when the lines and wrinkles in their faces are at odds with how young and vibrant they feel. The aesthetic plastic surgery world has numerous ways of gently smoothing these little signs of aging. Wrinkle fillers like hyaluronic acid enjoy great popularity, and botulinum toxin type A is another widely used injectable solution. Which wrinkle treatment method the specialist recommends depends on the type of wrinkles to be treated and the patient’s wishes.

How do fillers work?

‘Wrinkle fillers’ are just what they sound like: substances that are injected into permanent wrinkles and literally ‘fill them in’. The most common wrinkle filler is hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the human body and has proven safe and effective in a variety of cosmetic medical uses. At our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich, we only use pure hyaluronic acid with no additives in our filler treatments. How long filler treatment effects last can vary widely from person to person; it also depends on the area(s) under treatment.

How do botulinum injections work?

Botulinum toxin type A targets ‘mimetic’ wrinkles, which are wrinkles created by muscle movement. Very fine needles are used to inject botulinum toxin into the muscles responsible for these mimetic wrinkles, which weakens them and creates an impressive smoothing effect that becomes visible within a few days after botulinum treatment. An experienced specialist can ensure that the natural expressive qualities of the patient’s face are preserved in the process. The body naturally breaks down the substance over time, so botulinum treatment will need to be repeated approximately every six months.

Your plastic surgery expert for wrinkle treatment in Zurich

Are you interested in wrinkle treatment in Zurich? Dr Britta von Stumberg is an experienced expert in this field, and she would be glad to answer your questions on what wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers or botulinum toxin type A can do for you. Contact our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich today and schedule your non-binding wrinkle treatment consultation.

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