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Male breast surgery in Zurich

Male breast surgery in Zurich is an ideal solution for patients concerned with the size or shape of their chest. When many people hear ‘breast surgery’, they think of women who are unhappy with how their breasts look, but men can suffer from a similar problem. Gynaecomastia is the medical term for enlarged male breasts. Men can develop a comparatively large, feminine-looking chest for a variety of reasons; in most cases, the condition does not respond to exercise or diet. Male breast surgery in Zurich can represent a long-lasting solution.

How do men develop breasts?

In general, physicians distinguish between two types of male breast development: gynaecomastia and lipomastia (also known as ‘pseudo-gynaecomastia’ or ‘fatty-type gynaecomastia’). In gynaecomastia, the enlarged breasts are the result of benign changes in the mammary gland tissue. These can occur for a variety of reasons, such as hormonal imbalances due to illness, medication use or genetics. With lipomastia, on the other hand, fat deposits are responsible for the chest’s appearance. Oftentimes, these fat deposits do not respond to either targeted exercise or dietary changes. The exact approach used on male breast surgery in Zurich depends partly on the underlying cause.

When is male breast surgery in Zurich indicated?

Many people seek male breast corrective surgery (also called reduction mammaplasty) for purely aesthetic reasons, so in principle, any man who wishes his chest had a more masculine contour is a candidate for surgery. Extensive consultation with the plastic surgeon is essential before any operation, in order to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations for the procedure. Moreover, it is best not to perform corrective surgery on young patients, as ‘puberty gynecomastia’ can resolve on its own, rendering male breast surgery unnecessary.

Pre-treatment consultation for male breast surgery in Zurich

Before undergoing reduction mammaplasty in Zurich, the patient comes in for a confidential individual consultation. As an experienced specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Dr Britta von Stumberg is more than happy to take plenty of time giving comprehensive advice on male breast surgery, including the procedure itself, before- and after-care and any potential risks as well as whatever questions or concerns the patient wishes to raise. Only when the patient has a comprehensive understanding of male breast surgery can he make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the operation.

How does male breast reduction work?

The approach used when performing male breast reductions in Zurich depends on the initial condition of the patient’s chest and the results he desires. If the patient has ‘true’ gynaecomastia, the plastic surgeon usually makes thin incisions along the lower edge of the areolas and removes the patient’s mammary glands. For optimum results, it may be worthwhile to combine the procedure with liposuction and/or removal of excess skin. Male breast operations that involve mammary gland removal are performed under general anaesthesia; they usually take between 60 and 180 minutes.

Liposuction for pseudo-gynaecomastia

If the dissatisfactory appearance of the patient’s chest is caused by excess fat deposits (lipomastia) rather than changes to the mammary glands, male breast surgery in Zurich may consist entirely of liposuction. A special solution is injected into the chest so that the fatty tissue can be suctioned out more easily. Depending on the size of the area being treated, liposuction may be performed under either local or general anaesthesia.

What should I expect after surgery?

Immediately after performing male breast surgery in Zurich, the surgeon will wrap the patient’s chest with a secure elastic bandage. Later on, this dressing will be replaced with a compression girdle, which the patient will need to wear day and night for six weeks. The compression girdle minimises post-operative pain, protects the treatment area, supports the healing process and helps shape the patient’s chest. For the first two weeks after undergoing male breast surgery, patients are advised to prioritise rest and recovery; most people are able to work at full capacity after two to four weeks.

Regular follow-up examinations at the clinic will help minimise any chance of complications during the healing process. In our experience, swelling, redness and discolouration go away on their own after a few weeks. Generally, any surgical scarring resulting from male breast surgery should fade to near-invisibility within the year.

Can male breasts grow back after surgery?

Mammary gland tissue removed as part of male breast surgery in Zurich cannot grow back, but an unhealthy lifestyle and insufficient physical activity can cause fat to build up in the chest area, resulting in lipomastia. As such, in order to ensure that the male breast operation yields healthy, long-lasting results, it is important for patients to maintain their weight.

Contraindications to male breast surgery

In a few cases, male breast operations may be inadvisable due to the associated health risks. Contraindications to gynaecomastia and lipomastia procedures include circulatory conditions, problems with blood coagulation, impaired pulmonary function and kidney damage. If the patient is a minor, an extensive medical discussion and psychiatric consultation will be necessary in order to determine whether male breast surgery is the ideal approach to improving the mental and physical condition.

Will health insurance cover the cost of male breast surgery?

Most of the time, health insurance will not cover male breast reduction, especially for patients whose condition is entirely due to accumulated fat. In order for insurance providers to agree to cover the costs of the procedure, the patient must have a clinically significant condition (e.g., a hormonal imbalance). Patients should make sure to contact their health insurance providers in advance to clarify whether insurance cover is available in their specific case. In our experience, reimbursement is generally no longer possible once the male breast surgery has been performed.

Your plastic surgery expert for male breast reduction in Zurich

Are you interested in getting male breast surgery in Zurich? As an experienced plastic surgery expert, Dr Britta von Stumberg would be glad to sit down with you for a non-binding consultation regarding her male breast reduction methods. After conducting a thorough examination, she will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs. Contact our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich today and schedule your consultation on male breast surgery.

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