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Ear tunnel repair in Zurich – Restore your natural earlobes

Gauged ears are nothing new. They have been around for centuries in some cultures, and in Western society, ‘flesh tunnels’ are enjoying increasing popularity as a form of physical adornment. They are created by gradually stretching the piercing to the desired size using ear expanders. Once the tunnel reaches a diameter of 1.5 cm, the earlobe can no longer contract to its natural size on its own. As a result, if the patient subsequently decides for whatever reason that they no longer want gauged ears, ear tunnel repair is the only solution. Ear tunnel repair in Zurich involves more than merely sewing the patient’s gauged earlobes shut: the plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist restores their original round shape to create proportional, natural-looking results.

Ear tunnel repair in Zurich: Why have the procedure performed?

Patients can have any number of reasons for seeking ear tunnel repair in Zurich. Most cite aesthetic concerns: ‘flesh tunnels’ are a trend, and some people stop finding them attractive after a while. Surgical reversal of the tunnel can represent a practical solution in such cases. Others find that gauged ears are no longer compatible with their career goals; here, again, ear tunnel correction in Zurich can help restore a natural, round earlobe shape. Occasionally, patients seek ear tunnel closure due to pain or other medical issues.

What should patients expect prior to ear tunnel correction in Zurich?

Before undergoing ear tunnel repair in Zurich, patients will undergo a personal consultation with the treating physician, who will explain any preparatory measures the patient will need to take. Among other things, patients who take blood thinners will need to stop two weeks prior to the procedure. Similarly, patients should avoid drinking alcohol or smoking before and after undergoing ear tunnel repair—nicotine can slow the wound healing process and impair circulation. As part of the consultation, the surgeon will examine the current condition of the patient’s earlobes and inquire into the changes he or she desires, in order to determine whether and how to proceed with earlobe repair in Zurich.

Ear tunnel repair in Zurich: what happens during the procedure?

Most ear tunnel repairs can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. The stretched part of the earlobe will be partly removed, partly used for reconstruction. The surgeon performs what is known as a flap procedure, remodelling the gauged earlobe in order to create a new, natural-looking one. Performing this delicate procedure requires anatomical and surgical expertise as well as an excellent sense of aesthetics.

What should patients expect following ear tunnel repair in Zurich?

After having their ear tunnels corrected in Zurich, patients will receive adhesive bandages that they will need to wear for around two weeks. The bandages are very discreet, so patients should have no trouble going about their usual routine immediately after the procedure. The stitches can be removed after one to two weeks. Rubbing the scars regularly with body oil can help minimise scarring. Patients who wish to have their ears re-pierced should be aware that they will need to wait until two months after their ear tunnel correction procedures. The new piercings should be created outside of the reconstructed section of the earlobe. In order to prevent wound re-opening or other complications, ear piercing in Zurich should be performed by an experienced medical specialist.

What complications can occur with ear tunnel repair in Zurich?

Ear tunnel correction in Zurich carries the same general surgical risks as any other aesthetic plastic procedure, including post-procedure bleeding, swelling and infections. Some patients may experience problems with circulation or wound healing. Having gauged ears sewn shut in Zurich by a non-specialist could result in parts of the earlobes deforming or even dying off. Changes in sensitivity, earlobe asymmetry and visible scarring can never be entirely ruled out following flesh tunnel repair.

Dr Britta von Stumberg—ear tunnel repair specialist in Zurich

Are you troubled by overstretched or torn ear tunnels and seeking professional restorative care? As a plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist in Zurich, Dr Britta von Stumberg has the necessary experience and expertise to perform the procedure. Patients frequently seek her out due to dissatisfaction with their gauged ears, whether because they need them repaired for professional reasons or because they simply no longer like the look. Ear tunnel repair in Zurich allows them to reshape their earlobes and eliminate every trace of the flesh tunnels. Dr Britta von Stumberg would be glad to sit down with you for a non-binding personal consultation on what ear tunnel correction in Zurich can do for you. Contact her office today and specify ‘ear tunnel repair in Zurich’ as the reason for your appointment.

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