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Mini facelifts in Zurich

Even with a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care, many people find that their faces look older than they actually are. They may appear tired despite feeling perfectly fit. In many cases, this is simply a matter of aging: over the years, the skin loses elasticity, which causes it to stretch out. The underlying layer of fat then hangs over the cheeks like a ‘curtain’, creating a sagging effect as well as deep wrinkles, especially around the mouth and on the neck. A mini facelift in Zurich can help restore vitality to your face, making you look younger and more alert while completely preserving your natural expressions.

What happens during a mini facelift in Zurich?

A mini facelift in Zurich is a relatively straightforward procedure. The plastic surgeon makes incisions in the natural creases on either side of the ears, which ensures that any post-surgical scars will be almost impossible to see—though in our experience, this is often the case anyway. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the skin in the affected area. Depending on how extensive your aging signs are and the type of mini facelift you are undergoing, the surgeon may remove excess skin and fat tissue as well. Muscles, nerves and major blood vessels will remain unaffected, which is part of the reason that no major complications are typically expected in connection with a mini facelift in Zurich. In our experience, even bruising and lasting post-surgical swelling are extremely rare.

Of course, not all mini facelifts are created alike. There are several subtypes of mini facelifts; all of them are highly effective, but the ideal type for each patient depends on the area of their face to be treated and how much elasticity their skin has lost. At my plastic surgery clinic in Zurich, I offer the following subtypes of mini facelifts:

Pure mini facelift

Depending on the approach used and the extent of the procedure, this method is sometimes called a cutaneous facelift, a skin facelift or a quick facelift. Just like the name suggests, this procedure involves tightening the skin only. The method is particularly suitable for patients for whom sagging skin is the primary concern, rather than excess subcutaneous fat (fat in the deeper layers of the skin). A pure mini facelift in Zurich involves making incisions on either side of the ears, so that the plastic surgeon can remove enough excess skin to create attractive, long-lasting results.


S-lifts get their name from the S-shaped incisions made in front of the ears. This technique is used to tighten the skin and shorted the fascia (soft connective tissue) in the subcutaneous fat—known in medical terminology as SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). The procedure lifts the middle and lower areas of the face, but not the neck. S-lifts are an extremely effective method with particularly long-lasting effects.

Face and neck lift

Face and neck lifts are essentially a ‘two-in-one’ procedure, as they treat the lower part of the face as well as the neck. Depending on your individual needs, the plastic surgeon may tighten only your skin or your skin along with the underlying connective tissue (SMAS). The incision is similar to the one used in the S-lift, but extended around and behind the ear.

At your non-binding personal consultation, you and the plastic surgeon will work together to determine which type of facelift in Zurich will fit your needs best. She will also advise you on any non-surgical alternatives that may yield effective results in your situation.

What happens after a mini facelift in Zurich?

In most cases, recovery following mini facelifts in Zurich is quicker than with full-fledged facelifts and other more extensive facial operations. Frequent cooling can help minimise the mild swelling that some patients experience. Most people are able to go out in public again after 24 hours. We advise patients to sleep with their torsos slightly elevated during the healing process, which typically takes between ten days and two weeks, though every patient is different. The plastic surgeon will remove the sutures after about seven days. Exercise caution for the first four weeks when it comes to sport and strenuous physical activity, and avoid exposing the surgical scars to direct sunlight for three months. After-care will consist of regular follow-up examinations at my plastic surgery clinic in Zurich.

Your plastic surgery expert for mini facelifts in Zurich

Are you interested in getting a mini facelift in Zurich? Dr Britta von Stumberg is an expert with many years of experience in this field. She would be glad to sit down with you at a non-binding consultation session to discuss your mini facelift options and what they can do for you. Together, you and I will develop a treatment plan that will give you the best possible results. Contact our office today and schedule your non-binding consultation on mini facelifts in Zurich. My team and I look forward to hearing from you.

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