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G-spot augmentation in Zurich

G-spot augmentation in Zurich is a minimally invasive procedure designed to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure. Intimate surgical treatments are a far less taboo subject today than they were just a few years ago. Even so, many women have difficulty speaking openly about issues with their genital areas or sex lives. When it comes to treatments like G-spot augmentation in Zurich (also known as the G-shot), precision and a trusting doctor-patient relationship are both essential.

Reasons to seek G-spot augmentation

The G-spot is an erogenous zone on the front vaginal wall, though its exact position varies. It was first described in 1950 in an article by Ernst Gräfenberg, the German doctor after whom it was later named. Many women’s G-spots are very sensitive to sexual stimulation, but this, too, varies greatly from woman to woman. G-spot augmentation in Zurich can help women enjoy greater stimulation and thus a more satisfying love life.

Preparing for G-spot augmentation in Zurich

Before undergoing G-spot augmentation in Zurich, the patient comes to the plastic surgery clinic for a discreet, thorough consultation session—woman-to-woman. Dr Britta von Stumberg is glad to address all of her patients’ questions, requests and concerns regarding G-spot augmentation, and to explain the available medical options. Naturally, this individual consultation also gives the patient an opportunity to find out how exactly the procedure works, what before- and after-care will be required, what potential risks are involved, how much the procedure will cost and what financing options are available.

In most cases, no special preparation is required for G-spot injections in Zurich. Patients who take anti-coagulants should stop for two weeks prior to their injections.

What substances are used in G-spot augmentation?

G-spot enlargement in Zurich is performed using all-natural substances that can be broken down by the body without leaving artificial residues in the tissue. In most cases, G-shots use hyaluronic acid, but they can also be done with the body’s own fat following liposuction. Treatments using natural, degradable fillers are generally well tolerated and very low risk.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule found throughout the human body, for example in the joints and the connective tissue. Its natural capacity to bind large amounts of water make it a versatile tool in aesthetic medicine. Though it is most commonly used in wrinkle treatments, it can also be injected in order to add volume to specific areas of the body, such as for lip plumping or intimate plastic surgery (labia majora correction, G-spot augmentation).

Advantages of hyaluronic acid injections:

  • Minimally invasive (non-surgical) treatment
  • Quick treatment time
  • Uses substance found naturally in the body
  • No general anaesthesia necessary
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Very well tolerated (allergic reactions/rejection responses not generally an issue)

How does G-spot augmentation work?

G-spot injection in Zurich is an outpatient procedure that typically takes no more than 30 minutes. The injection can be administered using local numbing or twilight anaesthesia. An experienced medical professional can use an extremely fine needle to direct the substance into the tissue and achieve a precise volume-boosting effect.

Before autologous (the body’s own) fat cells can be used in G-spot enlargement (G-shot), they need to be obtained through liposuction. Suitable donor sites can include the stomach, the hips, the thighs and the underside of the chin. After liposuction, the fat cells are specially prepared to remove dead cells as well as residual blood and anaesthetic, leaving only a highly concentrated mixture of vital fat cells. As with the hyaluronic acid method, the substance is then injected directly into the tissue with a very fine needle.

What happens after G-spot augmentation?

After a brief recovery period, patients can usually leave the clinic immediately and go about their usual routines, though we advise not overdoing it initially. Patients should avoid using tampons or having intercourse for about a week after the procedure, but showering is not generally a problem. Some patients may find that their genital area is slightly swollen and sensitive at first, so we recommend avoiding harsh cleansers or sharp-edged soaps; in our experience, any symptoms that do develop (e.g., swelling, redness, itching) will fade within a few days. Judicious cooling can support the healing process.

The results of G-spot augmentation

Sensitivity varies widely from woman to woman, so there is no way to offer a 100% guarantee that G-shots will provide the expected boost to stimulation, but based on our experiences, we can say that many women experience improvement. The body will break down the injected hyaluronic acid within six to twelve months, after which the G-shot can be repeated if desired to refresh the treatment effects. Autologous fat cells, on the other hand, heal into the tissue surrounding the injection site, so this type of G-spot augmentation can provide long-lasting results.

Would using permanent fillers provide permanent results?

Permanent fillers, i.e., filler materials with artificial components (such as silicone), could theoretically provide permanent G-spot augmentation. The artificial components of the fillers remain in the tissue—the body does not break them down. However, such treatments carry the risk of adverse tissue changes, which can potentially develop months or even years in the future. Given the difficulty in estimating the risk of complications and long-term health effects, serious medical professionals advise against using artificial fillers.

Your plastic surgery expert for G-shots in Zurich

Are you interested in getting G-spot augmentation in Zurich? Experienced expert Dr Britta von Stumberg would be glad to sit down with you woman-to-woman for a non-binding consultation to discuss G-spot enlargement options using hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. As a member of the German Association for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Intimate Surgery e. V. (GAERID), an interdisciplinary professional organisation dedicated to intimate plastic surgery-related issues, Dr Britta von Stumberg regularly discusses new developments in the field with other leading experts. Contact our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich today to arrange a consultation appointment on G-spot augmentation.

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