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Thigh lifts

Thigh lifts are a good option for patients with excess loose skin as a result of natural aging or significant weight loss. Both of these can affect skin elasticity, causing it to sag, especially on the inner thighs. For many patients, this is more than merely an aesthetic issue—the loose skin can create friction, leading to skin irritation or even inflammation. It can often affect a patient’s gait as well; in some cases, this may constitute medical justification for purposes of insurance cover. Either way, thigh lifts can help with all of these issues.

How do thigh lifts work?

The various possible techniques used in thigh lifts primarily concern the location and length of the incision. In many cases, thigh lifts require only an incision from the groin to the gluteal fold. From there to the knee, the plastic surgeon then separates the skin from the underlying tissue and performs the lift. With more pronounced loosening of the skin, this spindle-shaped incision may not suffice; the plastic surgeon will then make a T-incision to the middle of the inner thigh. In some cases, it may be useful to combine the thigh lift with liposuction.

What happens after a thigh lift?

For about six weeks after undergoing a thigh lift procedure, patients will need to wear compression clothing, which prevents excessive swelling and pain while supporting the healing process. Most people can return to work after about three to four weeks, depending on the type and intensity of the job. Patients should avoid sport and other physically strenuous activities for around six to eight weeks. Within around a year after the operation, surgical scars often fade to the point that they are not visible at first glance.

Your aesthetic plastic surgery expert for thigh lifts in Zürich

Are you interested in getting a thigh lift in Zurich? Dr Britta von Stumberg is an experienced expert, and she would be glad to sit down with you for a non-binding personal consultation on the specifics of different thigh lift methods and the scope of what they can accomplish. Contact us to arrange your consultation on thigh lifts at our plastic surgery clinic in Zurich.

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