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Minor and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments have been enjoying steadily increasing popularity in recent years, but this does not mean that conventional plastic surgery has fallen out of favour. Not everyone’s aesthetic goals can be achieved through conservative means. “Body-shaping” procedures use tried-and-tested surgical methods to help patients achieve a more proportional figure and thus greater satisfaction.

What aesthetic procedures are available for the body?

In addition to aesthetic breast surgery and intimate plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery of the body also encompasses a variety of lifting and tightening procedures. As a Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery, I have comprehensive expertise in the field of body-contouring cosmetic procedures. My comprehensive portfolio of services includes abdominal lifts, upper arm lifts, thigh lifts and liposuction, among others; if needed, patients can also combine liposuction with lifting procedures to obtain the results they desire.

Cosmetic body-shaping in Zurich

I would be glad to advise you on the aesthetic body contouring options available at my plastic surgery clinic in Zurich. After discussing the problem areas you wish to address and your treatment expectations, I will explain your aesthetic surgery options and recommend the best approach for your situation. I look forward to getting to know you at our consultation session.

Plastic Surgery Zurich

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