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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is not by chance the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery worldwide. Because a well-shaped bosom is for many the epitome of female beauty. For women who suffer from very small or uneven breasts, breast augmentation can help them gain a new lease on life. By the way, breastfeeding ability is not affected by breast augmentation.

How does breast augmentation work?

Breast augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure or, if desired, as an inpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The surgeon inserts the breast implant through a small incision in the crease under the breast. It can be decided whether the implant should be placed behind the mammary gland or behind the pectoral muscle. The possible position depends on the condition of the tissue. The patient can also choose between different variants for the breast implant itself: Implants come in 400 different sizes and shapes. They are filled with silicone or saline solution. Complications are rare with breast augmentation, but can never be completely ruled out. Postoperative bleeding, infections and disturbing scars can usually be treated well. A specific complication is the so-called capsular fibrosis: the body forms a shell or capsule around the implant after the procedure – in very rare cases, this capsule thickens and may need to be corrected.

What to consider after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation, there may be a temporary numbness in the surgical area, which usually disappears completely. During the first six weeks after breast augmentation, a tight-fitting bra should be worn together with a breast belt. Smoking, sports, sauna visits and strong sunlight should be avoided for six weeks to minimize the risk of healing problems. Patients are usually fully able to return to work one to two weeks after breast augmentation. In the vast majority of cases, the costs are not covered by health insurance. The lifespan of breast implants is 30 years according to the manufacturer.

Breast augmentation in Zurich – with your expert for plastic surgery

Are you interested in breast augmentation in Zurich? Dr. Britta von Stumberg is an experienced specialist and will be happy to explain the methods of breast augmentation as well as the possibilities and limitations of the procedure to you in a non-binding consultation. Simply contact us and make an appointment for a consultation on the subject of breast augmentation in the plastic surgery practice in Zurich.

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