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Abdominoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic surgical procedures. The aim of the operation is the removal of excess tissue in the abdominal area and thus the tightening of the abdomen. Especially after major weight loss, and in women often after pregnancy, abdominoplasty can lead to a more harmonious body silhouette and significantly increase well-being. Please note: The costs of abdominoplasty are often not covered by health insurance. In cases of severe discomfort or the presence of a fat apron after major weight loss, the costs are covered in some cases.

How does an abdominoplasty work?

An abdominoplasty can usually be performed during a short inpatient stay under general anesthesia, or, if necessary, on an outpatient basis. Through an incision in the bikini line, the excess tissue can be removed and the skin tightened. If necessary, the muscles of the abdominal wall can also be tightened in the course of the abdominoplasty (rectus diastasis). In some cases, it also makes sense to combine the abdominoplasty with liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits. The procedure takes about two hours.

If necessary, the tissue to be removed can be used to enlarge and tighten the breast. For this, inquire about the possibilities of breast augmentation with autologous tissue.

What should be considered after a tummy tuck?

After the abdominoplasty, numbness may occur in the surgical area, but it will disappear after some time. Sports activities should be avoided for about four to six weeks after the abdominoplasty. In addition, an abdominal belt should be worn for the first two weeks after the tightening operation so that the abdominal wall can reattach itself properly. Patients should refrain from smoking, sports and sauna visits for six weeks, otherwise healing problems may occur. Strong sunlight should also be avoided.

Abdominoplasty in Zurich – with your expert for plastic surgery

Are you interested in an abdominoplasty in Zurich? Dr. Britta von Stumberg is an experienced specialist and will be happy to explain the method of abdominoplasty as well as the special features, possibilities and limitations of this procedure to you in a non-binding consultation. Simply contact us and make an appointment for a consultation on the topic of abdominoplasty in the practice for plastic surgery in Zurich.

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