Breast Reduction


Large breasts can cause discomfort affecting the spine and shoulders. Sometimes there is a sweating under the breast because of the skin lying on skin effect. This disappears after the volume of the breasts has been reduced.

Health insurers will pay  the costs where patients whose weight is normal, have back and neck pains, provided at least 500 g of tissue per breast is removed.


The operation will happen in a hospital with a stay for 3 – 4 days.  By a T-shaped incision the skin is opened, the breast is reduced and  formed completely new and fixed at the chest wall like an inner bra,which can keep the form of the breast for a long time. The skin is tightened and sutured. Inequalities can be compensated. There is no perfect symmetry in nature. Tubes will be put into wound to drain the ichors. An elastic bandage will be put for two days and exchanged to a sports-bra. Complications are rare, but never can be excluded.


Post Operation
After the Operation the breast sits higher than normal, because  the tissue will soften and it takes 6 weeks to see the final result. Sometimes there are bruises and numbness, but they will disappear after a short time completely.


Post operative Care
A tight bra should be worn for 6 weeks. Smoking, Sports and the sauna and strong sun should be avoided for 6 weeks.
The chance of breats feeding will not be changed by the operation. After two or three weeks you will be able to work again. The cost will go to the insurance, if the weight of reduction is more than 500 g per breast.